Not having a first look? How much time do you need for photos after your ceremony?

If you want to follow the traditional ways of doing your photos and portraits post ceremony and forego a first look, here are the minimum times you will need to schedule out for photos after the ceremony!

For family formals, you will need minimum 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size of your family and intricate your list of family photos is.

Ensure you leave at least 30 minutes to an hour for couples portraits. Often times we like to break these up throughout the course of your day. Do some before the ceremony and some at sunset or sundown and some at night.

You will want about 30 to 40 minutes for wedding party photos. These photos typically go pretty fast. This time frame also depends on the size of your wedding party and the number of kids in your wedding party. Factors also affecting this can be the cooperation of your wedding party. It's a good idea to discuss with them in advance your expectations for photos.

If you are taking photos at a different location from where your ceremony was held, you will have to gather everyone who is required in photos and get them from point A to point B. It's important to be prompt in leaving venue A and getting to venue B as efficiently and quickly as possible. It is a good idea to build the travel time into your timeline so that it doesn't cut into your portrait time.

Keeping in mind it can be a challenge keep wedding party family and parents/grand parents together after a wedding ceremony, especially if it's a large family and wedding party. For that reason you need to allow a bit of extra time in case a family member goes missing from the pack. It is a good idea to assign your wedding party to help gather everyone required.

These are only minimum guidelines and it will be different from wedding to wedding. If you're unsure please reach out to me for guidance.

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